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Drz 400 carb air leak HELP

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I just brought a drz400 e 2001 and it won't idle with out giving it throttle, but runs fine apart from that.

I think it has a air leak on the middle of the carb as it has some kind of sealant around it?

How would I fix this thanks.


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Yikes! It looks like someone did some sort of real hack repair. I'd have my doubts that is reasonably fixable.

You are also missing the AP push rod boot.


Check for an air leak by having the bike running and spray with brake parts cleaner and see if the revs suddenly increase, if so, that is your leak. I'd also make sure the idle speed screw is actually touching the throttle wheel. I assume you've adjust the speed knob and nothing happened? Is the ACV still installed? Properly capped or over ridden? Vacuum release plate still good?

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