Im having a lot of trouble starting my 2001 426.Can anyone give me some advice on this.I hear that the is some screw that you put in the carb,of air box to help this.Is this true if so what do i do.Please help as this problem is costing me race wins.

Actually you load the air box with loose 5mm screws, This slows the velocity of the swirl effect at low rpm. In turn it unduces a suction of colder air from the Cold screws, which cools the gas before it hits the Intake valve.

:) Juts kidding its called the Bkmod you can find it as well as the blue wire mod at

Good luck

I don't think you should need any modifications to make the '01 426 start easily. Can you give more details about when you're having the trouble? Is it hard to start when cold, when hot, both? Are you following the steps in the manual to start it (very very important!)?

Ego, your not being nice, so not much has changed. :)

Do the blue wire mod prior to dicken with the carb. Also, how long have you had your YZ? It takes a while to learn how to kick it. Once ya get it down, you startem with a pair of flipflops on. Check Motoman393 website for this mod, it only takes about 10 mins. and really seems to help out the 01. I did it to my 00, didnt notice any difference at all, but some guys with the newer bike are swearing by it.

It is a bit of both realy.I am doing what the book says but with no joy.

What you talkin' bout Willis?

Sorry for the American sitcom humor at your name's expense.

Based on your Thumper Talk member number, you are a new member here. One of the most imprortant features of this site is the SEARCH function. It is located up toward the right corner. If you do a search for "starting", I'm sure you will have plenty of reading to keep you busy for awhile!

Welcome aboard!


I don't know 'bout you guys, but I push a button.

heHA! :)

Just pullin your nuts. :D

dont feel bad..i have a 426 bought new..i have had it 5 months and still have my fair share of troubles...but only when cold and if i haul it somewhere without draining the carb..i cant understand it..the bike runs great but if i dont drain the carb before hauling it you can forget about cranking it...but ni kiddin, the blue wire trick done all the good for hot starts, fires first kick, even if i stall it..good luck..they are nice bikes, just kinda moody you might say :D:)

Maybe if you can tell us exactly what you're doing to try to start it then we can try to give you pointers. I'm not sure where else to start. My '01 is completely stock and it starts very easily, hot or cold, so I don't think there is a design related issue with the starting on the '01. If you're not getting a good kick then that can definitely make a difference. Are you tall enough to get a full authoratative kick when you try to start it?

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