PMB Silent Insert for Sale!


I've got a PMB Silent Insert for a WR450 that I used for only two rides.

Will let it go for $20 + shipping!

Hey KentuckyWR,

Some Questions:

1. Was something wrong with it?

2. Will it fit a '01 WR426 Exhaust?

3. Ya still got it?



PM sent in case Guzzidave can't use it or doesn't take it...

1. Nope, I just bought an FMF Q and don't need it anymore.

2. Don't know for sure . . . Can anyone help me out on this one???

3. Yup! Still in the toolbox!!!

I'll check on the 426 fitting . . .

Hey Kentuck,

The stock insert measures out to be 48mm.

Lemme know what you think or does anyone else know?


I'll take if no other takers...

Hey, get in line, buddy!!! :):D

It's been sold gentlemen!

Thanks for the interest!

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