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Wr 250f highway worthy gearing ?!?

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hey guys

just bought a 2008 wr 250f, currently running 13t front and 50t back but its not enough top end to ride comfortably on the freeways here in Australia ( 100km or 63mph ) i plan to use it to get around town with but want to be able to tear off road as i please, ive done heaps of maths and research and really just want some opinions with experience with the whole gearing sitch, im thinking 15 on the front ? or should i just go smaller rear??.... or as long as the ratio is lower it doesnt matter a &%$#@!? i feel that as long as i can ride comfortable at 100km i will be fine off road im use to adapting to what ive got. i just dont want to buy bulk sprokets.. and i think i got it to around 120km with current gearing... any help?

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