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Total cost for a top end rebuild for an 89 TRX 250R?

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Depends on the condition of the parts. It can be as little as the cost of a bottle of coolant, a couple of gaskets and set a of rings to as much as a new barrel, piston head and a slew of other parts. I've seen bikes that simply needed to be de-carboned and have a power valve adjustment to ones that needed everything from the crank up. Costs varied from $100 to over a grand.

You question is as vague as asking what is the best book. No one answer.

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A proper top end job starts with the best bike wash you can do, esp under the gas tank area. That can be done right in your back yard for free.

Then, you should drain the coolant and tear the top end down. Take the parts to your dealer (or mecahanic) for a bore check and esp the old piston to verify it's size (stock vrs overbore)... still free.

If you are lucky and everything is within spec's, just ask them to hone the cylinder (or buy a honing tool and do it yourself) remembering the cross hatch and go lightly. Buy a new piston, ring, wrist pin, circlips, all gaskets and needle bearing. Check the connecting rod for play as well as the crank end bearings. Check your reeds too. So far, you might have spent $100.

While you are at it, replace the gearbox oil and coolant. Clean and lube the air filter. Clean the carb bowl of any sediment. Clean, adjust and lube the chain. Check all joints front and rear for wear and excessive play. Check throttle play, tire pressure and spokes. Now you spent another $10-$15.

Assemble everything with a new plug, break it in for 20-30 minutes of easy but no lugging riding and then go ride like you usually do.

Your bike is as near new (assuming all is within spec) for about $120. It can vary to much more if you have worn out parts.

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