My Cafe Thumper

This site being Thumper Talk I would have thought there was a spot for street thumpers...but I didn't find one. Anyway, I recently finished building a cafe racer that I built from a Suzuki Savage. The donor bike sat in a metal shed on the Jersey shore for almost 20 years before I rescued it. While it only had 2,600 miles on it, it had heavy oxidation and surface corrosion. But that was ok, because I didn't use much of the bike anyway (besides engine, frame and wheel hubs).  I was inspired by an article I saw in Popular Mechanics that featured a cafe conversion kit from RYCA. I used a fair amount of the kit parts, but as the project progressed I put many of the kit parts aside and went my own way. I put a lot of work into the front and rear suspension. RYCA has the builder simply slam the forks with spacers and high rate springs so they don't bottom out. I worked with Race Tech on a GVE solution that preserved the full range of fork travel and then converted a lower triple clamp into an upper so I could slide the forks in the t-clamps (on a stock savage the fork cap is part of the upper triple clamp so forks can't be raised). As a result, almost everything attached to the frame head is in some way custom. Anyway. I'm pleased with the result and had a good time along the way. The day I rolled the bike off my build stand I started working on a Street Tracker based on a DRZ. That should be ride-able (but not finished) this summer. The goal with the DRZ tracker is to have it look like a bike from the 1970's. I have a NOS TS125 fuel tank that I'm fitting right now. It's gonna be a cool build.

Cafe Racer ACM.JPG

Cafe Racer Left Rear.jpg

Cafe Racer Left.jpg

Cafe Racer Right.jpg

Great job! I agree that this site is more about dirt bikes or dual sport but street bikes are very appreciated too.

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