update on riding and taking advice from you all

Man I get no respect

The hole is deep Ego, but you'll climb out of it with time. They just have to get used to you.

About climbing the berm, I had a bad spill at the MX track this past weekend due to just that. I was railing -- at least it felt like railing -- this berm I had been hitting all day, but this time the front went right over the top on the exit. I was full throttle at the point prepping for the short straight to a large table top.

Well, as soon as the front went over the lip it was over for me. I went over the bars and landed on my right side. It was the hardest fall I've had yet. My kneck sling-shotted to the right and slammed my head into the ground. It rang my bell good and knocked the wind out of me. Must have at least looked bad because everyone stopped behind me and the track was plenty wide for them to pass.

My right shoulder was sore, and I had bruises worth showing off to the wife who had just left the bleachers before I fell and missed the entire incident. She really likes to rub it in when I crash. LOL

I think I tweaked my fork tubes in the clamps too, so that should be an indicator of how hard I hit as well.

Good luck on the berms. Try following someone too. Keep their pace and try to do what they do. It really helps.


Hi dirtdad,

Actually I didn't see your reply, so I wasn't replying to your advice on draging the front (and rear) while going through the turn. I think you are correct that dragging the brakes a little bit through a turn does help to settle the bike down, I like the technique also. My point was to do all of the braking to srub of speed before you enter the turn. Sorry about the confusion!!!

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