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No more quad, no more harley, just dirt bikes :)

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It took me a while to realize what toy was the most fun for me...

Just recently I had a harley, a race quad, and a little air-cooled dirt bike (TTR). One of those got used all the time, while the other 2 just collected dust. Guess which one got the most love?

You guessed it...the little dirt bike.

So I ended up selling the harley and the quad, and picking up a new dual sport Wr250r instead. I love it. I also still love the TTR. It's just something about dirt bikes that makes me love them. 

I illegally rode my dirt TTR a lot so I could get to the trails near me. I always felt safer doing that then trying to do that on my quad. Neither are street legal, but with a dirt bike, I at least felt like I could dip behind buildings or small tight areas and what not. The quad just seemed to collect dust in my basement since I don't own a pickup truck.

And the Harley was my 4th ever street bike...everytime I'd buy one (impulsively), I'd get super bored after like a month. The Harley simply was too heavy and bulky. Plus I needed to move my car out of the driveway and park it in the street in order to ride it...If I wanted to ride my dirt bike, I was always able to just squeeze it past my car. 

I figured that it would be cool if I just had a street legal dirt bike...so now I have one, and it has a little sister too :)

My basement is now exactly as it should be!




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I haven't gotten to that point yet , I still have most of my toys , but the bikes are definitely a hell of a lot easier to go ridding than loading up a quad and trailering it to a ride spot , which I don't have anywhere close . Worst is I bought my race quads new and they're still in mint shape (7k plus miles on each though) with a lot of add-ons but when I tried to sell one as I figured everyone expected to pay the same as the others they looked at that were stock and beat to shit junk , so I kept them and go sand duning or trail riding here and there.


It has always pissed me off that Yamaha chooses to not sell all their ds bikes since the mid '90's that every other country got . We could have had several xt600's (also the TT600r and reversions), or XTZ660's/700's . Even an actual rode legal WR450, which I can't plate in my state . None of the other brands seem to be the same as what Yamaha has for both performance and reliability , Suzuki comes close but still no options.



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Op. I followed the same path, back to my roots and a lot more fun. Sold the street bikes and bought a 250&450. Back to the track and woods. More exciting and less dangerous than on the street


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