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Drz400sm FCR39MX jetting

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Hello Eddie, Hello All,

I am not sure if i am on the right section, and I apologize if not but this is the first time I post here.

I have a question of Jetting concerning the FCR39MX on a 2009 DRZ400 SM.

The  bike is ridden all the time at sea level 22m on high temperature 33degC and high humidity > 95%( track use only). I am actually living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

I have tried the usual setting below but bike is not running well. Without PAJ, Bike looks lean. With it is too rich... I am about to try different settings on pilot air jet, but I kindly ask for advise first.

setting right now:

160 main jet

200 main air jet

EMN needle clip 3

45 pilot jet

100 Air slow jet in

New accelerator spring done- no O ring mod.

MRD open pipe with 3x3 mod

Engine is stock


Issue with bike: 

I am obliged to keep fuel screw open 3.25 turns out to idle. If I remove the Pilot Air Jet..the bike becomes lean.

No pops on deceleration.


On my way to try without PAJ and with 52 pilot jet and next EMP needle clip 3?? WOT at idling issue Will look at it at end; I will try to turn in the AP screw a bit. No clue if it will work...and thus my post.

Recommendations are welcome and thank you in advance.





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