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The DRZ that wouldn't start

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Hi Guys i was checking true the forum, but so far my issue are a bit unique. 

I bought a 2000 drz S last month that wouldn't start (engine turns but fails to run under its own power), when i purchase it i got it started by push starting it a drove it home about 150 miles it runs fine once warm and will start by it self. 

when i got home i had a look and the Stator was loose and looked like it had seen better days, i checked it out the 3 phases on it and they where all going to ground and my spark wasn't strong.

I installed a new one today,the bike won't start (i didn't dry to push start it yet), the spark now is nice and strong (to the naked eye).

I thought it's not getting fuel so i pulled off the carburetor, it wasn't that dirty but the choke was jammed and the depression pipe that goes from the top of the carburetor to the bottom was plugged !

I put the carburetor back on tried to start it the exhaust smells like fuel after a while

would anyone have a suggestions ? my next train of tought was the valves might have too much cleanse but i can't do them at the moment. 

did i miss anything ? 

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Hi i don't have the time to check them until next weekend, i was driving the bike cut out and died i think the engine is dead, it started up again it runs for about 10 seconds baackfireing and black smoke i'll check if the carb is plugged or the spark is still there. 

i think the engine is dead now

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