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Honda CR250 - Engine Rebuild

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Hi All,
Rebuilding a 2001 CR250R, lower end and top end.  I split the cases, new crankshaft, all new bearings, etc.

Question:  Honda uses a center case gasket and Yamaha does not.  The Yamaha rebuild has proven solid with the YamaBond gasket product.  I got ahead of myself and forgot to put the bearing stays on the tranny bearings, which are inside the engine.  When I split cases (again) to install tranny bearing stays, the center case gasket was destroyed.  So, has anyone ever used the YamaBond "form a gasket" product on a Honda rebuild instead of a gasket?

I know I can order another case gasket cheap, but I'll have to wait about a week to finish this rebuild...  I'm getting impatient.

Thanks in advance.


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