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meaning of codes on showa fork axle mount/bottoms

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I have to replace on of my fork tube in my CR250 '07. MOst second hand options, the tubes come with the fron axel mounts/ bottoms.

does any of you know the meaning of the codes on each fork bottom?


in mine, it says: MENF- L- SA2-A

I understand that L stands for left. But i have no idea if other tube with this code MENA-L-SA1  B  will fit mine , for instance. Other showas bottoms have Kz3W  or S370-SA1-B

I know that CR250 forks changed the offset -2mm from 2005 and maybe also in other CRFs 250 -450 forks. Nobody wants to have different offsets in each fork!!!!!!!!!

what I want is to descifer those codes to get the right tube !!!!!!

it is quite impossible  to ensure if that spare tube+bottom comes form a CR/CRF or either a suzuki or kawasaki which also use SHOWA forks. You have to believe the seller.


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Sorry can't help you to decipher the meaning of the codes but as a comparative,

I have two sets of forks for my CRF250X and the codes are :


MENF-L SA-2 A  (spare set, but originally came installed on my '08 CRF250X)

MENA-L SA-1 A (on bike at the moment, originally from an '05 I was told by the seller parting out a bike)


I cannot confirm the bike had it's original forks as I'm the 3rd owner but from the wear and damages to the

lower tubes (reason I switched them), I believe they had been on there since day one.


But, I can attest upon disassembly both these sets had OEM internals for a CRF250X

(all stacks, spring rates, comp assy, all the nuts still had the original peening on them) 




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