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KLX 125 running problems

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Hey gents, I'm normally from the Suzuki side of the house but I'm working on my little brothers 2006 KLX 125 to save my pops some money over taking it to the shop. I'm honestly lost. I searched around on here but couldn't find anything that really pertained to my situation. It was idling just fine but would die as soon as it got any gas, so I pulled the carb, soaked the jets and blew everything out, float bowl was a little dirty but the jets looked okay. Cleaned everything anyway, threw the carb back in and it's better for sure, but still dying under load, backfiring, and sputtering like it's running out of fuel. I checked the spark plug, gap was within spec, adjusted the valves into spec (still a little noisy) but better than it was. Here is the weird thing, when I turn the fuel Petcock to on, I can see fuel going down the line but it stops flowing after a second or so (or at least appears to) If i turn it off and turn it back on it flows and stops again, tank breather is clear, and tank strainers are clean. Should I try to adjust the float level? I'm kind of lost and unsure of which direction to go from here, any help would be greatly appreciated. IMG_1199.JPG

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