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Hello everyone, I am new to riding dirt bikes I am looking to doing more trails than track, I am 31 years old, 250lbs "a little on the heavy side huh? What do you guys recommend I been looking at the yz250f or crf250l



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Those are two very different bikes,

the YZ250F is a closed-course motocross race bike, not ideal for trails 

the CRF250L is a dual-sport, primarily designed for street riding, note the L suffix, there are also CRF250R (motocross) and X (off-road/trail).


In your case a CRF250X sounds better suited for mostly trails,

but, on a track it won't be as agile or quick as a true motocross bike.


At 250lbs, there's no way around it,

any bike you buy will need stiffer springs to function as designed,

most 250cc or more 'full-sized' bikes come set up for a 170-180lbs rider (spring rates, valving)

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