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New SM hard to start?

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Hi guys just picked up a brand new SM... loving it so far, very very pleased with my decision.  I have the usual mods planned out, waiting on an MRD. I did remove the carbon canister per the sticky and put on a K&N. Previous bikes have been dr650, gsxr600 & 750.

Only thing is, it doesn't like to start as easily as I believe a brand new bike should. It takes me several attempts of choke, half choke, no choke+ throttle to get it going. Bike acted the exact same before I removed the carbon can.  It always starts but never immediately, sometimes I have to hold started down 10 seconds.  I'm afraid I'm going to get stuck one day because I killed the battery cranking it.


Is it supposed to be like this? Why won't it start right up 1st or 2nd crank with full choke?

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Try half choke right off the bat. 

Seems to work well for below 60f above 45f.

I use no throttle to start mine.

Crank a few times and if it doesnt start i shut the half choke off.

17 Drz400


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