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2012 is hard to shift and shifter rubs stator cover

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I just picked up a 2012 WR450f and the bike is pretty good so far: I've done about 60 road miles on it as of now. The second trip meter said 888 miles before I reset it, so it's safe to assume it's got at least 1,000 miles. I don't have a GYTR tuner yet, so no idea of actual mileage.

Anyway, UP shifting on the bike requires a lot of effort and causes me to miss a lot of shifts, especially 1-to-2. It gets a little easier if I pull the shifter up and OUT to the left by angling my leg. It also appears to be rubbing a on the stator cover. I put fresh oil in it after getting it home and used Castrol Power1 10W-40 Synthetic 4T which appears to meet the manual's requirements. The bike doesn't creep in gear with the clutch pulled in and starts right up with minimal creep while in gear, even when cold.

Any ideas on things I should look into? I'm probably gonna take a grinder to the back side of the shift lever. As seen in one of the pictures it doesn't actually bend all the way. This looks like a good way to get the nub stuck bent back or damaging the stator cover even more. The lever looks pretty straight though.

Maybe it's the clutch? I can take it apart, but I don't have a clutch basket tool. Any recommendation of a decent tool, or is the $22 motion pro universal OK?



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2 hours ago, stevethe said:

Your shift lever is either bent from falling over or it's loose. 

Jeez, I feel dumb. You're completely right. I thought there was enough clearance there, but I just bent the lever out a bunch (in my vise) and it shifts as I would expect. I think part of the problem was the boots I had on. I was wearing my old MX boots on and they are really stiff, which apparently made the rubbing happen a lot more. I remember test riding it and there not being an issue, but I was wearing work boots.


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