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Slow leak

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16 hours ago, Metal621 said:


I just put a new tire and tube on my bike, and it keeps losing air slowly, but I can't find the leak. ANY IDEAS?


Are you saying you pulled the tube and can't find the leak?

First thing is to put a bit of spit on the valve and see if it bubbles.

Then ifs not the valve, as above pull the tube BUT when you pull the tube, make sure you note exactly how it was in the tire.

Then fill the tube and say fill a cooler or a big sink with enough water so you can submerge part of the inflated tube while rotating slowly until you can find the leak. You could also spray part of the tube at a time with soapy water.

Then when you find the leak, figure out what caused it in the first place by matching up where the leak is in relation to how it was installed.

Personally I use only IRC IX Heavy tubes

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