Clarke 4.3 in white

I have searched for pics of this tank but can't find any that answer

my questions. Can you see the fuel level? How is the fit and quality

compared to ims and ascerbis. I think the 4.3 is just about the

perfect size for me and I like the idea of being able to see the fuel

level at a glance. I like the looks of the white tank and I have heard

stories of the "natural" colour turning yellowish. Anybody got one

that can help me out with these questions. Pics would be a bonus for

sure. Thanks gang

i have the 4.3 natural - and yes it turns a little yellow - but i dont care its not a show bike its for riding :thumbsup:and i dont like to guess how much gas i have :)


I have a IMS 4.6 tank and it is red. I can see my fuel level in it. I like the red it goes with the bikes color scheme better. I don't know if you can see the fuel level in a red Clarke tank.

I have a white IMS 4.3 gallon tank on my '98 XR650L. It is about 3.5 years old and is just starting to turn a bit off white and is turning kinda brown/yellow from the crap they call gasoline here in California.

I had a white Clarke 4.? tank on my '87 XL600R for over a year and it stayed white. I kept the tank and sold the bike but still have the tank for sale if anyone is interested in it.

On either tank it was pretty hard to see the fuel level unless it was a bright sunny day with the sun shining thru it.

I also made the mistake of getting a Corbin seat for my '98 650L and all it did was replace a upolstered 2" x 4" with a upolstered 4" x 4". It is wider but even harder than the stock seat. Looks great, feels like crap, my butt hurts in an hour just like before. I just had it reworked by a local car upolstery guy for $65.00...and now it works. My ass is finally happy.


Oakland, Ca.

I've had the Clarke 4.3 in white on my bike for at least 1.5 years. It's still white and I like the way my bike looks with it. As for form & function it really gets the job done. Quality is there. I can't see my gas level looking from the outside of the tank but what I do when I check my level is I take off the gas cap, peek inside and put my finger on the outside where I see the gas which is super easy being that the tank is white. Presto! I know exactly how much fuel I've got. I can also tell you this; If you fill that sucker up you won't even need to THINK about checking the level until you've racked up 80 miles or so! :)

I just got the clark 4.3 in red. I don't think I can see the gas level from the outside, at least not easily. The fit is great though, it went right on no problems.

I reccomend it :)

I went on a ride last weekend that was pretty tough and when I looked inside the tank to see how much gas I had left I was surprised to see that the tank was still more than half full. With the stock tank I would have started to worry if I was going to run out.

BoZerk, how do you find the feel of that tank? I just got mine in and I am awaiting a spare petcock assembly. I haven't had it on the bike but it feels and looks big. I'm not gonna whack my mouth on the sucker when I come off a jump, am I?

I didn't notice the height at all when I was riding. It's a little wider but I like it, it gives me someplace to rest my knees against when I'm standing.

Checking the oil might be pain now though.

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