Question about helmet cam setup

I am planning on racing for the first time this year on Sunday and had a question regarding my helmet cam setup. Where do you guys think the camera should be placed to get the best helmet cam video? For my last set of video's I had it on the right side of my helmet but I was wondering if you guys know of a better place for it.

Be ready for some nice video's of the race early next week. :)

After seeing your videos, I would say that it is just fine where you have it. The only thing that I could think of would be to maybe try to mount it on the top of your helemt. But I don't know if that would make the cam more vulnerable or if the picture would be as cool.

Where you have it gives you the angel/devil on the shoulder prospective. Very cool.

Mine points front on the left side but points back on the right side. Every cam faces front, it is cool to get some footage pointing back just to mix it up.

I've done it pointing back in the sand dunes with a paddle, that was neat. I have thought I would like to figure out some sort of leg strap so that it would get the camera at a different vantage point.

I stuck it under me left radiator. Really cool view; front wheel on the right side of the screen with a clear view of the track. I never realized just how many small bumps the suspension soaks up! I'll post a clip if I ever get the hardware to move it over to the computer. :)

I would like to try it mounted on the bike but they say your body absorbs alot of the bumps, on the bike I can imagine it is sort of bumpy. I am sure on a street bike it would be perfect but I am not sure about an MX bike.

I stuck it under me left radiator.

Thats a kewl idea :)

I would like to try it mounted on the bike but they say your body absorbs alot of the bumps...

True you body takes a lot of it, but you would be surprised how still the radiator is. A fender would probably be horrible as it bounces, but the radiator is suprisingly still. Lots of movement, but not the "vibration" type that makes you ill to watch. :)

I have mounted it under my viser in the corner with a little silicone you can adjust it up and down the wire will go threw one of the vents and down to a pack on your back :):D :D

I have used helmet cam for about two years now, my favorite place is on the top of the helmet. I used to use it mostly for kart racing, but in the past year, have started using it in the woods. You have be careful there, a branch can take it right off!

The other problem I ran into, was leaves getting stuck on the camera and not knowing it, makes for some boring footage! I think this year, I will try some new mounts, I like the idea of the lower side of the bike to see the suspension working.


I just had a thought for the original poster. If you are going to be in a "Race" then you might not want to wear the camera. Having the camcorder in my fanny bag makes me ride about 2 notches more towards the slow and safe side. Not because I dont' want to break the camera, but because I don't want to break myself by falling on the camera and having it break my ribs or something. Just food for thought, have fun!


I thought about that as well, but I think I have found a way to work around that. I bought a camelbak backpack and removed the water bladder and stuck the camcorder and wiring in there. This setup doesn't let the camcorder bounce around like it did with the fanny pack. I am gonna test the set up out on Saturday during practice, if it doesn't work then I won't wear it on race day.

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