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Getting back in the game...

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Well time has come, one of my little ones is old enough to ride with me, time to dust off the ol DRZ. 

Over the winter I went through the bike a bit. Needed a water pump seal, few other odds and ends. Bike is an 01 E, btw. Bike has probably less than 15 hours on 434/+4mm top end. Was bored and plated at mil-tech, JE piston which I believe is 12:1 ratio. Can't remember what base gasket I went with, probably E. Stock cams, lapped the valves.

Basically I want to make sure I'm on track to not burning anything up. Bike has a WB e-series pipe cut down to 12", running as few plates as I can for now (I think it's at 4). Looking to go back to a stock muffler for noise. Air box is very free flowing, some sort of OE type filter element. Shortly after rebuilding, the old jetting seemed to be working. I think it was 160 main, 48 pilot, EMM needle, stock air jets. Then it seemed to lean out at idle, and constantly push out coolant. So recently I added an extended fuel screw, got rid of the octopus/coast enricher and connected the two nipples on the carb. Idle doesn't run up anymore, good. Was still pushing out coolant going easy.

Took temp readings with infra red thermometer and no part of the head or radiator was over 185, most was around 170 while boiling over. Replaced rad cap with a 1.6 bar and installed cooling fan on left radiator. Temps are about the same, left it idling after some slow riding to see how it does. Some coolant pushed into the turkey baster, maybe 2". Top of head was at 197 near exhaust port, hottest part of the radiator was right at 200. Strange thing, about 8 hours later I noticed a small puddle of coolant running down the left side, and found the system still very much pressurized.? 


Seems okay temp wise, but now I can't get the idle to clean up. Either low or high, never crisp. Tried turning the idle up with the screw, to adjust the fuel screw and it sounds like a chainsaw 4 stroking. Also have very little response with the idle screw, had to max it in to get to a raised idle. Once I backed it down it didn't really adjust from there. Best I can get fuel screw is a bit over 2.5 turns out

Otherwise the thing rips from what I can tell. I can crank it from just off idle in any gear and it's pretty crisp. Starts easy. Haven't pulled the plug yet. Next, I found some leaded 108 race gas was gonna try to see it it helps at all.

Or am I being picky? Haven't really ridden it much yet, just on the property to get the quirks worked out. Seems good overall but not as nice as when it was standard bore. 


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