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Husqvarna CR65 - any advice on maintenance?

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Hi all. I have just purchased a second hand CR65 2012 model for my son. I am new to the world of 2 strokes but have a good mechanical ability in general being an ex motor mechanic.


Any advice would be appreciated regarding preventative maintenance or regular maintenance that I should be conducting on this bike. I see a lot of talk in some forums regarding top end maintenance and muffler repacking etc, however I am unsure of what extent people go to with these things.


Any advice or links to the right info would be great. Having trouble finding info regarding this bike online apart from original specs. Throwing it out to the 2 stroke gurus.


Thanks in advance, Dave.

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 Nice one. First thing I would do is buy yourself a service manual and read up , get yourself acquainted with the bike.

Now this is just my experience with 2 strokes , I have a 250 and my son have a CR 80

Paying attention to my son's ,

Being a small bore and high reving I refresh the topend around 30 hours, why because it's a single ring piston and they wear out fast specially the way my son rides. I also make a habit changing the reeds and muffler packing at the same time. 

With regards to other maintiance items

The basics

Airfilter gets cleaned and reoiled after every ride (his ride is usually 2-3 hours )

Transmission oil gets changed every second ride.

Four monthly

Suspension gets removed, bearings inspected and regressed,forks get new oil.

Check sprockets ,chain .

check wheel bearings 



I must warn you these bikes are money pits,but lots of fun . ??







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Thanks for your quick reply and advice. I really do appreciate it. When you say you refresh the top end can you tell me what parts you are referring to our what the procedure is. Just cleaning, pistons, rings, cylinders etc. Or is it a case of inspect and replace/repair as required. Thanks.
Oh, and I am up for the challenge. Everything in my life is a money pit so why not add another. Lol.

Ah, ok great. Thanks again for the advice.

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