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SRC Fork brace - install advice wanted

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I bagged an SRC forkbrace off ebay and i wondered if anyone could assist with any fitting instructions or a picture of one installed to save my trial and error approach 





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The brace itself get mounted to the fork from the rear and the clamp halves go on from the front. You'll need to do a fender cutout mod. When you buy the kit new, they send a pattern for you to trace out on the fender. But you should be able to do it just from looking at the pictures.

The black guides are what the Scott fork guards ride in. They have provisions for holding the brake and odo lines. I don't run the guards any more, they wore out.

If you run fork skinz, you can pull them down over the fork seal caps and mount the brace over them.

Here's a few pics of mine. I bet there are tons of others on the net.


SRC brace.jpg

SRC Fender mod.jpg

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