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Honda Vigor 650 engine rebuild help

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Just registered as a new member having benn directed to this forum as a knowledgeable lot! Looking at some of the posts, some clever guys on board, so help you can help!  

I live in the UK and have always been into bikes, mostly Jap multis. Nearest thing to a "thumper" I have had was a TL125 trial bike!!! However joined the big boys now and  I have  just bought a rough Vigor 650 for the right money with a view to building a street flat tracker, as I just love the look of those things!

I knew engine was in need of at least a top end rebuild when I bought it, so now just starting some research before stripping it any further. I do know followers were toast but told cam possibly recoverable. Frame had rotted where oil stored, so I assume oil loss resulted in starvation etc. (Got new frame with it).

I understand top end issues are common with these engines and so wondering what tips you guys might have for the rebuild. Are there any go to posts on this or other forums, any mods to help lubrication in future etc...

Really appreciate any input.


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if the rockers are toast ,,then the cam is scrap too,,both wear together and eat each other to death...

if it ran low on oil because of a rotten oil reservoir then it likely has done more damage like the rod and piston skirt too,,rip

it apart and post pictures...that engine is basically identical to the XR650L and NX650..which I`ve rebuilt a pile of..



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