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What to do with my '85 xr200r parts bike

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So I have my '85 xr200r parts bike sitting out in the back yard, wondering what to do with it. I know I'm still working on my '90 xr200r, but I don't wanna just scrap the '85. 

I have fabrication skills, and combined with my dad's, we could get just about anything done, so I had a couple thoughts. 

I have a couple options. I have a spare atc200x motor, I already know that won'tgo in without moving the motor mounts, but could be done. 

Option 2, I still have the motor out of my old '81 atc200. It's a bit bulkier than a kick start since it's pull start, which would kinda suck, but being a clutchless motor, could make it fun.

Anybody have any thoughts? Should I eventually try one of the 2, or sell what I can and scrap the frame, since I'm sure nobody would wanna buy an rfvc frame


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An xr250r motor would be great, but those motors aren't selling at what I consider a reasonable price. Plus I have too many projects to spend a bunch of money on it. Still have an '85 atc200x I wanna rebuild, '08 CBR600RR I still gotta get the new motor in, and my current xr200r to finish up. 

The clutchless motor does sound fun. My friend that I ride with gave me the idea after he met a guy in the past that had done it. Said it was great for a lot of uphill stuff. Probably be good for the tight woody trails we have here. If I had an '86+ frame I think it would bolt right in, not sure though

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