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paddle tire on 18 inch rim is wider than on 19?? Need you opinion.

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Few years ago I used to ride a 2 stroke CR bike with an 18 inch rear wheel with a paddle in the back, so I had that image in my head and how thick my rear paddle looked. Now I ride an 06 kx450f, which comes with a 19 inch rear rim, so I purchased a cheng chin 8 paddle tire and installed it. So far so good but after installation I immediately thought that it looked kinda skinny. However, it had been many years since my CR days so I thought, ok maybe I just don’t remember. Then, my buddy came to pick me up to go dune riding and when I loaded my bike on the trailer and it sat next to his KTM with the same paddle tire but on 18 rim , his looked around 25% thicker, very obvious difference, even he immediately said “why is your tire so skinny?”. We run the same 110 width tire and model, so is this normal?? I know that if the rim is smaller, for example 110/90/19, the 2nd and 3rd numbers might be different, (height, diameter) but that should not change the width. Mine is 110/90/19 and his 110/100/18 (both 8 paddles), so the way I read this is that his sidewall should be a little taller on an 18rim size, not 25% wider!..., am I missing something here?? Has anyone noticed this? thx!

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