Oil post different yet not the same

Is there a difference in ability to lubricate effectively with any given oil weight? I use a 20W 50 some buds use 10W 30. Would a 50 weight offer more protection than a 30 weight? Or is that just a way to get more HP out of an engine like cars do? I understand about the multi grade viscosity change. I'm just interested if a heavier weight would protect better than a lighter weight? :)

I always run a heavier weight oil in the summer and switch back to a lighter weight in the fall and spring once temps start to get down around 50 or so.

Viscosity is temperatre related, typically measured in centistokes at 40 degrees C (104 F) and 100 degrees C (212 F.) Your engine manufacturer will specify a given viscosity requirement for a certain operating temperature. The 50 weight oil is a higher temp oil, at high temps it will lubricate better than a 30 weight.

Using too low a viscosity rating at higher operating temps can lead to viscosity breakdown and possible engine damage. Using too high a viscosity at lower temps can rob horsepower and not lubricate as designed due to resistance to flow.

That is the beauty of synthetics, they offer good flow and lubrication characteristics at low temps and resist viscosity shearing and thermal breakdown at higher temps.

Viscosity is what it's all about, provide your engine with clean, dry and proper vis oil for the temp. you operate at and it will live long and prosper. :)

ok.......being that my business is related to this type of industry, no........ do not run heavier oil than what is recommended by the manufacturer, period. Let us take a new car for example....10w40 is recommended for said car. Johnny says that the weather is going to be hotter, so he will go to 30w oil........ Johnnies motor seizes up becasue the tolerances of the moving parts will not accomadate the thicker oil. I see it every day folks. You can get away with it somewhat on older, tired motors. Now.. if you are seeking better lubrication, less friction and free horsepower, there are many dyno reports showing SUBSTANTIAL increases with synthetics, especially RedLine Brand oil. We use this in our Bonneville Salt Racers......and of course everything I own. Got a lawnmower that has over 18 years of heavy usuage that runs on it....still starts first pull and uses no oil........there is a difference. Peterson Motorsprts whom builds alot of Pro MXers motors uses RedLine whole heartedly, his dyno proves it. As we all know, even a 1/8 more hp is noticable and the bikes run much cooler.

Yes I agree the best choice is a high quality synthetic, I ran the maxima synthetic and hated it I have always used the amsoil 0-30 and my bike feels like it makes 5 more horsepower on it compared to the maxima.

so do you what do you think the min break in time is before you crossover to synthetic

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