Race prep the week before question

I'm sure this topic has been beat to death like a jetting thread but I'm asking anyways....


Relatively new to the world of off-road racing, I'm doing the off-road Ontario series this summer. I'm running in the novice B class this season to learn the ropes.


Did my first enduro last week and I made a few pre-race major no no's I'll have to admit, that I know I won't do again.


I heard or read somewhere that the average rider doing an enduro would burn up to and possibly over 2000 calories during the event and my question pertains to that...


What do you all eat the weak prior but mainly the day or 2 days before an event to load up on calories to sustain yourself throughout the race?? I know to hydrate all week and such. Just not great with the food thing.


I guess I should say I'm a 6 foot 190 pound fairly active 30 year old lol

I tend to eat fairly regular stuff.  Maybe a little extra carbs during the week prior.  Look into Hammer Nutrition products.  I've found that supplementing with their stuff throughout a long event has really helped me.   I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just really like their "fuels" for during an event.  They keep me from bonking.  They've also got some good reading on nutrition and what not for endurance althletes.  

Thanks for the info katoom350... been focusing a lot on hydration days before the race. I made the mistake of drinking a bunch of beer and paint balling all day the Saturday before the first race of the season Baaaaad idea haha.

It's been tough this season. A lot of the races have been rescheduled till fall due to the large amount of rain we have been receiving this year


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