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200 XCW conversion from Z-Start Pro to stock clutch

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Thanks in advance. Tried to search for this but could only find the opposite of what I am looking for.

I have a 2009 200 XCW with Z-Start Pro clutch. It all works perfect, per the design. Bike is stock except for the clutch. I bought it with the Rekluse installed.

What I ultimately want is a new Core Exp 3.0 clutch. The Z-Start works as it should, but there is no ability to feather the clutch. It is ON/OFF. 

What parts do I need to buy to convert it back to stock clutch? On my big 450 dirt bikes I LOVE the rekluse.... But with this small bike I want to try a manual clutch and see how I like it before I dump another $900 into the EXP 3.0.

Thanks again.

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I'd start by looking at a parts diagram of what it's supposed to have in it versus what's actually still there.
Total up the prices of what's missing and that'll give you a ballpark idea of cost, if you do the work yourself. If not, add in labor for a shop.
Might get lucky on EBay and find a complete clutch that was swapped for a Z-pro.

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