2013 KTM 250 XC-W Tire Suggestions

Got a 2013 KTM 250 XC-W need some tire suggestions, I ride in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.  Yes I know those are very different areas to ride, but trying to find the best all around tires.  Ride for fun, Muti-Day Enduros, single track, fire roads, gravel roads and some asphalt when going from trail to trail.  Let me know what you like! I weigh about 200 pounds and am a senior rider and am an intermediate rider. Give me your suggestions...  (Asking for my pops)  Thank you...


S12's.  good all around tire imo. 

Sedona 907

Pirelli MT-43 for front and rear. A great all around tire. Especially when mated with the Tubliss system.  It's a DOT tire so it will not throw knobs on the highway. I run 6 psi in front and 4 psi in the rear.  

i just put an m5b on my 300 i love it so far

Michelin s 12's

best for all I believe

Kenda k760 !!! Cheap and goood


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