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XL175 kick start shaft repair

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Just wondering if anyone has made a successful sleeve repair on one of these. There's a post by wildweasel a number of years ago about using the end of a ke175 shaft and a sleeve.

I see the seal size is 18x29x7, I was thinking of using a piece of 3/4 tubing (chromoly maybe?) and turning down each piece to fit inside. Then going with a 19x29x7 seal to work with the 3/4 (19.05mm) sleeve. I don't know exactly what the inside of the case looks like to know if there would be interference with anything. 

My brother has one that I think he got for a dollar per cc in the early 90's. Shaft was broken at the time. Needs a chain, points, and a new seat cover, but otherwise all there.  Would be nice to get it going again.

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