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1980 XL 125 exhaust options

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New member here. I searched for about 10 min to see if this has been addressed. Please excuse me if it has.


 I have had a 1980 XL125 in the garage for more years than I'd like to admit. It is time to get the old girl running again. When last run the muffler was wrapped with aluminum tape to get by. Well, it's pretty much an aluminum tape muffler now.

Finding an exhaust is tough, so I see 2 options.

Option 1, build one with the existing header pipe and some as yet unknown muffler.

Option 2, will a CRF 150 muffler and head pipe fit? I see some online for under $200. As time is money, and I haven't fixed it yet in all these years, a bolt on fix would get me motivated.


Thanks, I appreciate your input and expertise.


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