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SDG 125 Pit Bike Help - Kick start problems!

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I bought a SDG pit bike couple weekends ago.

Carb was leaking, so I bought a new one on ebay. Still trying to get the bike started and running with it, but that's a different issue.


My main issue now is, the kick start locks up and feels like its skipping, thus not allowing me to crank the engine to start the bike.


Anyone know whats wrong? I'm assuming something is striped or broken....but I cant find any solid research and im not entirely sure what bike I have. I am going to pull the right cover off the engine to see if I can tell whats wrong, but i find it weird I can find any info on the engine, or the parts.


The ad that I bought it off of said SDG 125. It has a clutch and 4 gears. see photos attached.



Any help or redirection to existing posts is greatly appreciated.







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