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2015 250 SXF Diagnostic help needed

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Last year, my son's 2015 250 SXF was intermittently cutting out, backfiring, etc while riding.  After MANY hours of troubleshooting, a local shop found that there was a fuel pump wire that had rubbed against the sub-frame enough to wear through the wire insulation down to the bare copper (which was intermittently making contact with the sub-frame when going over bumps, etc).  This was right next to where it plugs into the relay on the right side of the battery box.  It took a while to figure this out because the issue only happened on the motocross track; it was fine riding around on the street because there were no bumps, etc to cause the contact.  The bike shop wrapped electrical tape around the worn insulation and the problem was solved.

Unfortunately, the bike just recently started doing something similar again :foul:.  I immediately went right to that fuel pump wire / relay plug connection and found that it was still wrapped up nicely with no evidence of a bare wire.  So now I have no idea what else to check.

The bike runs FINE around the neighborhood, but loses power / runs rougher when on the track in the bumpier sections (but not as bad as it had when that wire was shorting against the sub-frame).  Any other ideas what this could be?  What else could be affected by vibration / bumps like that?  I'm ready to replace the entire wiring harness and all electrical components!!  ha ha.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  FWIW, the bike has just over 90 hours.



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