Pics of my First Real Thumper

I just bought this 99 YZ400F on Monday. I have only been out riding once on it but it was a blast. It has been a few years since I had ridden and I love it. I know its not a 450 but it will do for now. After I get back into the groove of riding again I hope to get on a 450. But for now this has more power than I can use. I has a few aftermarket things like Race Tech suspension, Pro Tapers w/Applied clamp, Magura Juice Clutch, alum throttle tube, Maxxis, Fastline w/CR routing, FMF PB, Renthal chain, sprockets. Just did the blue wire mod and starts easy, so far. Just thought I'd share my bike with ya.



What a BLAST

Looks like a good clean bike! I dont know about them graphicx though :D Welcome to the world of ThUmPeRs!! :):D

congrats. good looking bike :)

Nice look'n bike, You'll have a blast with it. :)

Nice! :)

I like the graphics kit! :D

The graphix were from the previous owner. I think they work fine since I am a fireman. Check out Fire Police Motocross Nationals :)


wow, thats cleaner than my 2002 426, I am jealous

good clean bike! you'll love it!!! :):D

NICE bike! Come on out to LACR this sat!!

You might want to zip tie that crank case breather hose to your lower frame rail. :)

If it runs as good as it looks, I think you got yourself a whole lot of fun there :)

Be careful and ride smart !!

The bike looks awesome! By the way, I went and checked out the FPMN web site and I must say that Jessica Snyder looks pretty awesome too!


That thing looks great for a 99 especially being a Yamaha. Just kidding. It does look great! :)

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