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LED headlight install issues...

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This is just a heads up for others, so that they don't make the same mistake that I did...

The headlight on my '16 500 EXC literally blew up recently, and I decided to change it to an LED light.

I looked at several, and settled on this model:


and in the description it said that it fit KTM's, and I figured that it did because it was an H4 arrangement.

Well, I got it yesterday, and it will not fit thru the hole in the back of the lense.  My lense is cracked, so I'm just going to alter it to fit, but I wanted others to be aware that you need to get a bulb that will fit inside of the inner diameter on the lense.  I didn't realize that this was an issue until I took it all apart.


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To add to the information in this post, I took some pics of what the issue is, and how I fixed it.  For me, my headlight glass is cracked after a violent get-off, so I need to get a new headlight bezel and glass anyway, so I decided that I could modify mine without doing anymore harm to it than it already has done.

Here's a pic of the issue:


So, here is what I did to make the light fit:


Here is what it looked like going in:


And here is what it looks like installed:  (note I didn't install it quite right in the holder, so I need to straighten it out, and then it will be fine.  It seems to be pretty bright...


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8 minutes ago, Skip Wareham said:

Why not just return the bulb if it didn't fit?

Good question.

Like I said I the post, my lense is toast anyway, so if I screwed that up, I wasn't out anything.  And, the bulb was only $18.  I think it would have cost me a 1/3 of that to return it, so I just said what the heck and made it fit.

My post was more of a public service announcement to be careful when buying LED lamps, make sure they fit they the hole.

When you buy the lense from KTM, it includes a new bulb...

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