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2010 KTM airbox mods?

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Rebuilding an old (ish) 2010 KTM that's come to me in boxes. One thing I love about my newer 2013 KTM 350 is that the airbox and airfilter stay cleaner for longer. The 2009 250sxf that I had would dust the filter in no-time.

A good airbox can be a big benefit in longer west-coast offroad races, where you can't change a filter for 2 or 3hrs of very dusty conditions.

1st question: Is there any way to improve the airbox so that the filter lasts longer?

2nd question: I think the 2010 has a different cage and airboot shape to my 2013. What would I need to do to make a 2013 airfilter fit the older model? Change airboot and cage only?



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