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BMX skills

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I know this is the mtb section but think some folk might still appreciate this vid.

I used to BMX in the early 80s and liked the freestyle stuff rather than racing. Still have the bike I built back then and the chrome is rusting now, but the Skyways still look cool.

These lads have really put some effort in to get to this level.

I'm thinking of digging out my old bike, pumping up the tyres, then ripping the sleeves on a tshirt and getting some tats to see if I can make the grade.

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Bonus! Just picked up a modern GT BMX from a neighbour today as it was "broken and not working"... It had a puncture. 🤣

Depressing to think I have to live on a planet where a flat tyre means the end of a bike's life. 🤦

But hey ho, I will literally re-cycle this to play around on. Off to google stunt pegs after discovering that the rear wheel uses a 14mm axle! Are kids that heavy these days they need a quarter pounder bit of steel shaft to hold up there fat asses.

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On 24/06/2017 at 5:49 PM, Slicing-Air said:

I'm afraid these guys spend a little too much time in the park together. ;-)   Pretty impressive. 

I'm afraid I've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to start busting some moves on the GT BMX I recently scored...

But today when I was in town I popped into the push bike recycling shop and they have a drawer full of various decent used BMX stuff. Importantly lots of pegs. Gonna chuck the bike in the back of the car on next trip to town and get it pegged up. I'm noticing most of these bikes are using forks with the front wheel's axle inline with the fork tubes rather than offset forward on dropouts.

In the meantime here's another vid.



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