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2015 FX

stock 110/100/18


Recommends S12 XC 130/80/18 

Thats what I bought and installed but it looks so much thinner than my stock tire, is it just me?  If someone could explain I would appreciate it!

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Yes the Michelin XC series tires (S12 & M12) always seem somewhat problematic to convert to the 'standard' method.

(see chart below, they measure from the outside of the knobs versus the sidewall)


What complicates things even more is there is no actual 'standard' between all the manufacturers, just an 'average' way to measure.

Advertised as a 110/100-18, a tire from one brand can easily be a bit smaller or larger than your old tire.

Recent experiences to me have shown a Kenda (Washougal) is narrower and much shorter than the same size Maxxis IT, both in 100/100-18.


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