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Power Valve Fittings

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Bike: 2006 KX250


Can anyone tell me whether it's normal for the retaining dowel which sits behind this screw...




... requires to be forced into place? I had to use a very small punch and rubber mallet to get mine in far enough for the retaining screw to start threading in.

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Nobody seems to have much care for this topic, but I'll update regardless for anyone else who may have this experience themselves.


After my worry that the dowel wasn't sitting correctly I can confirm that it actually was. I have no idea why it took so much force to have it sit in place correctly, but there's no damage to the casing or any other related parts. The power valve rod/shaft/linkage has full movement and is secured in place by the dowel as it should.


I guess sometimes a little tough love is needed to get things done.

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