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BajaDesigns blinker problem

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 I've got a BajaDesigns dualsport kit on my 03 DRZ400E, I had to put a new headlight and front blinkers on after a crash last summer. The headlight and the horn all function correctly, but the front (only) blinkers are dim and blink together, not one only, when I flip the switch. I've tried swapping the wires around with no change. The tech-guy at BD said it didn't matter which way the blinker wires hooked up. Anyways, I decided to take the switch apart to look at/clean it, and the whole thing boinged on me and the switch innerds hit the ground. I was able to retrieve the plastic button, a small ballbearing and a small, triangular copper piece that fits into the plastic button. It seems like I'm missing a spring or something, not sure. Has anyone had their blinker switch on this BDkit apart to tell me what is in it and in what arrangement do the pieces go together?

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