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U.S. ISDE Team - Complete List, 1913-2016

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Received a book put together by Mike Vancil - AMA Director Of Amateur Activity 1970-1972. It includes EVERY American rider who has EVER participated in the ISDE since the beginning! This thing was hand typed and updated over the last 45 years and it one of the most AWESOME things I've ever seen!!

So to share the awesomeness I took the last few weeks to hand type it into Wikipedia so you can all view it, sort it, find yourself, your relatives, big name racers, and relive the history of the ISDE!!!

The biggest thing is... it was hand typed from results that were hand typed from the 40's and on... So there are typos and a few people missed over the 40 years of input by Mike. So if you see ANYTHING you want updated email me at ekudla@ama-cycle.org with the documentation and I'll update accordingly.


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