2001 426 hick up

need help. My 426 hick ups out of coners and on hard landings. Some people have told me to check the bowl for debris and to clean the air filter. I have done both. Also I was told to check the packing in the silencer. By the way I have a WB r4 with tapered head pipe. Could it be jetting? This set did not effect my 98 400. Also I heard that 2000-2001 426's are common to hick up problems. What are my cures....... Thanks

Hickups are not common on the '01 from what I can tell (my '01 has none at all). I would start by cleaning the carb out really good. Did it do this with the stock pipe? If it runs OK with the stock pipe (and stock jetting?) then I would think that the problem is jetting related since the problem appears if you change the pipe and/or jetting.

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