Which exhaust

I've seen alot of post for exhaust for the 650l, but not alot for my pig. Which exhaust is the best for the 650r? I'm torn between some type of FMF and a White brothers. Also should I keep the stock header(and wrap it) or go with the oversize. What's the valve-stress level at with a larger header? Any backpressure issues? Sound is kind of an issue but most all companies make a quiet tip insert. Anyone seen a shootout?? TIA.

There used to be a magazine pipe shootout posted on the yahoo group. I'm not sure if it's still there or not. I have been happy with my Yosh pipe but it did crack recently around the lower mount. If I remember correctly the White Bros. E Series was the best in the shootout.

Why not have the stock header ceramic coated? It holds up great, cleans up easily, and looks trick. Here is a pic with the stock header ceramic coated. :)


Probably the best exhaust for the XR600/650 series is anything like a Super Trapp system, FMF megamax, or White Bros e-series. Backpressure is a good thing, it will add torque and horsepower to a certain point. -Matt

I know that backpressure is good, but with the addition of an aftermarket header is it all lost? I've seen some FMF headers on other bikes and they look way to big. Probably a loss of low end. I want to keep what I got and get more across the board. The ceramic-dipped header looks nice.

which exhaust?

that's easy, stick with stock. don't let the aftermarket rip you off. use the money and get your suspension done or join a gym.

sticking with stock ensures me of two things:

1. starts 1st kick every time

2. can pass any sound test in the land


I run the stock exhaust with the uncorked tip from Honda. I think it works great. Makes plenty of power for me.

What I've heard is aftermarket pipes will give more power high in the revs or they will give you more low in the revs but not both.

That ceramic coating looks cool :D:)

I agree with thunderchicken, get the suspension done....more bang for the buck.

Suspension is done. I dumped 4 g's into the pig this year. She's gonna be sweet, can't wait. I was just looking for a different look and sound. The power is quite adequete uncorked, don't yah think.. :)

I like the coating idea.

So I'd buy a can from someone like these guys: http://www.techlinecoatings.com/Exhaust.htm

and bring it to a local body shop ? Or I'd need to send it out to a more specialized shop ?

I think my Big Gun's headed for E-Bay :)

if you are willing to spend the money, go with the powerbomb headr from FMF, and if you want sound and the right backpressure go with a Megamax, or E-series. The e-series will give u a low thumping sound, and the Megamax will give you a very unique sound. -Matt

Another vote for stock.

I had the Yosh tear apart in a Baja 1000.

I had a Big Gun Race tear apart in another Baja 1000.

Out of frustration i put the old stocker back on-and guess what! It runs better than ever!! And thats with a totally built motor...opened up cover, edelbrock, etc.

I race with the guts completely removed. For trail rides just put in the tip, and click down the edelbrock adjuster...takes 5 minutes or less to convert either way.

Finally the stocker is the tuffest pipe!!!

That cermaic coating is SO kewll...

How do ya do that?? :)


How do you take the guts out of a stock muffler?


How do you take the guts out of a stock muffler?

So I am taking from the post... leave the stock, or consider a White Brothers E series...

Does anyone know what the E series "sounds" like? I was told my stock muffler has the baffle or core removed... It's loud, especially now that I go the IMS smog (lack of) kit, but I do not want any noise reduction. I would like a deeper sound though...

And what about the headers? Should I wrap them or just get a performance set... and if so.. what should I get?

Sorry to keep posting so many questions.. I'm just a newbie with my 99 xr650L ... And have fallen in love with my bike....

If I had to choose between the bike and the wife...

I guess I'll miss her a little bit..........

JaZz :):D


unbolt the three bolts at the end of the tip and leave it out. Just a big o'l hole...

the E-series is a nice deep thumping sound. As for the wrap on the headers, it is good for a very hot climate, I would definitely look into new headers though if you want to power up the bike. -Matt

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