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Hi everyone, new to the forum seeking advice. I want to buy another bike. I've been riding a 2002 KTM 520 EXC and it's been a great bike but looking to upgrade to a newer 500 KTM or a 300 XCW. I ride mostly Northern California single track, double track, and occasionally fire roads. Having a plate is not a priority since I have a plated xr650. I'm 6'3'' and have always ridden big bore bikes, so bike weight hasn't been an issue....But I haven't ridden a 300 yet, and I hear they're awesome.


Which model would you buy? Should I look at a Husky? If I buy used, what year range is best?



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The new 2017 KTM 300s are an incredible bike. Super light/fast and so easy to corner in the tight stuff.

only issue is the fuel, if you ride hard you'll chew it up.

youd best spend the extra $$$ to get the 2017 imo if going for the 300.

everyone that I know loves the 500s. especially the new ones they're so light these days.


Husky and KTM are pretty much the same bike so either brand is a winner.

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