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Anyone modify a Baja Designs wiring harness?

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I thought I saw a post or two where someone redid or modified the BD wiring harness and I'm sure I can do a search but my brain is a bit mush from staring at both the computer and a whole bunch of wires. If anyone has the links to these or others that would be great

But to clarify, I bought one of their quick release kits and while in some ways very professionally done, the front wiring harness looks like a clump of pasta left in the bowl. No matter how I tried to make it fit, it still hits or gets pinched by something. So I decided to open up the kit and spread it out along the frame. I got 90% of the way but now realize that some major cutting and soldering will be required to do what I want. I also ditched the original headlight and went with the Squadron sport LED. I did look at their wiring diagrams online but they don't quite all match whats in my hand, color wise.

Also, has anyone tried to bypass the key? Mine doesn't have a battery (EFI) and since I don't plan on leaving it parked in downtown Portland, I'm not to worried about security. I like the key idea but don't like the idea of it falling off or something if I'm motoing at the track

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