Anyone paying attention to this thread....


Looking for reinforcements, I see! :):D

Hey if I wanted to ride a couch I would stay at home, thats why I bought a WR instead. Just kidding :) To each there own.

Looking for reinforcements, I see! :):D

Not really, just other opinions. We all think our bikes are the best...Sometimes so much that it clouds our judgement.

Hehe after owning a DR-Z, reading this is just sad... but funny :)

Allright fellas, take it outside; they'll be no fighting in here! :)

I only got one thing to say...... :)


Oh sure...drag me into it!! :D

Can I plead the 5th? :)


Are those tears of envy?

oh for sure.i wish i had yamaha's.some how i keep buying drz's.

Hold on while I get some popcorn and a cold one..... :)

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