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How does the CR80/85 chassis do as a desert bike?

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How are the CR80/CR85 chassi suited for the desert and trails?  I'm thinking about doing an XR100/CR85 conversion (big wheel) but since most of my riding on that bike is done in the desert, not MX, I'm concerned how the more MX suited suspension will do in the desert. 

Honestly, this bike would really only be used once a year and for a specific area (NW of Phoenix, the Wickenburg area).  The area includes wide-open desert and tight, rocky trails.  My brother-in-law and I get together once a year and hang out for 5-7 days there.  We both bring relatively heavily modded XR100s.  I hate the XR100 in the wide-open, open-desert sections but am concerned about the CR85 (more MX suspension) in the tight sections. 

For comparison, my XR100 has a Works shock and BBR sprung front end.  For my weight (160#) and for a "pit-bike," it does well.  I guess what I'm really looking for is an idea of if a CR85/XR100 conversion will produce a scaled-down version of a more desert oriented bike.  That is, does the CR85 chassis provide a better desert platform for the XR100 motor.

I'm afraid this is really an apples and oranges question.  I'm confident the XR100 is the better goat for the tight stuff.  With that said, it is miserable in the wide-open areas.  If I were to do the conversion, would I be trading the "comfort-zone"?  That is, would I have a good bike for the wide-open and a miserable bike for the tight stuff?  Thoughts?

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