Suggestions for replacement Chain???

Anyone have a suggestion for a replacement chain for my 2003 WR450f??

I run sandy trails, and street ride.

I was looking at the DID Standard chain, and the DID X-ring chain. Is the X-ring really worth twice the price of a standard?

Also, how many links do I need for a stock replacement chain using stock gearing on my WR450f? My bike is at the cabin and I want to order the chain today, so I can't count the # of links.

Thanks for your help.

First off . . . don't even consider a standard chain.

The WR450 needs an X- or O-ring chain.

If you put a standard one on there, it'll eat it up in a couple rides. The X- or O-ring is worth the extra!!!

In terms of number of links, look in your manual, call the dealer or search the posts in the forum . . .

Good Luck!

X-ring chain or O-ring chain, in that order.

BE SURE YOU SWAP BOTH SPROCKETS @ the same time!!!!!!!!

Worn sprockets will wreck your new chain. A worn chain will destroy new sprockets.

but MOST DEFINITELY shop around!!

Ditto. 'O' ring and change both sprockets at the same time. You can change the front sprocket when the chain is half worn to prolong life. Think about it. The teeth on the front sprocket get worn about 3x to the rear because it is a 1/3 the size.

Regina ORN ok so far. The regina ORS was to heavy duty.

anybody ever try a x-ring from parts unlimited ($60)? sounds cheap but was wondering how they last. :)

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