WR450 vs YZ450 cam mod for dual-sported 02 WR426

I have an 02 WR426 and I'm trying to decide which cam to use. I ride 95% trails and no MX. I'm more interested in a smoother powerband with low end torque rather than high end HP. I've read all of the cam mod posts, but was looking for someone who actually rode a bike with the different cams. I was wondering how different each of the cams are in a WR426.

I was asking the same questions when I did this to my bike. CW solved the problem by splitting the difference between YZ and WR timing when he degreed in the cam sprocket. I like it and my machine is dual sported. This doesn't answer your question but it's the best info I can provide.


Did the powerband become smoother? I'm not necessarily looking for more or less power, but just a smoother transition from down low.



Oh yes the mid range hit is gone and slightly more grunt at low RPM. Gas mileage improved too. I'm running stock gearing and can get 45 MPG when cruising down jeep roads. Burned 2.55 gallons and covered 122 miles last weekend.

I ended up buying the YZ450 cam. Most claim that the powerband is smoother than a YZ426. If that's the case, I'll be good with it. I just can't afford to go the CW route. That sounds ideal for me, but I'll see how I like the YZ450 cam.

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