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Klr650 200km on full tank

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Hi. Im getting 200km on a full tank (14L) im not sure why its so bad. Its a 2000 klr650 with 29k on it. it has aftermarket exhaust, intake enlarged and jetted its on the ritch side and am currently adjusting it. However im not convinced that is the only reason why the mileage is so bad. I just recently did a valve adjustment. In the picture below on both gears their is an arrow and a dash on both. The arrows point left and on the right side of the nut is the dash, both the arrow and dash is suppost to be level at top dead center with the top of the case. As you can see the right gear whitch is the intake the arrow is slightly up. Moving down a tooth moves the arrow down too much. Will this effect gas milage? If so how do i adjust this 20170429_164301.jpg.46dced9a247cabf2e701570e92cbb4f5.jpg

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